Monday, July 20, 2009

July 19th Sunday Night Skid Update

Yesterday was the first official start of The Sunday Night Skid and it was an amazing one with alittle more than 25 people showing up and 14 riders with a pot size of 28 dollars up for grabs there was some serious competition! Everyone stepped it up for an amazing race each time Go was called over the walkie... Advancing to the second round was Alex McClurg (with the fastest time of the night a 14.8 getting him 5 extra points added to his total), Sam Porter, Matthew Barton, Jesse Heath, Creighton Tynes, Nick Willis, and Jarrod Allen (who got a bye into the 3rd round by luck of the draw). Between Alex and Sam was a close race but ended up Alex coming out on top and advancing to the next round against Jesse Heath. Next was the battle of the geared bikes between Creighton and Nick giving Nick the upper hand coasting his way to the finish, leaving him against Jarrod in the next round. With a rematch from last weeks Rain Sprint Session Alex and Jesse faced off once again leading Jesse to the final against Nick on his geared bike after beating Jarrod on a fixed gear. In the final Jesse's fixed gear beach crusier reigned victorious once again leaving him with the pot of 28 dollars... Here are some pictures from the sprint session of the night thanks to Austin Anderson for the amazing pictures(If you want to know if there are any pictures of you leave a comment and i can email them to you if there are any)!
After sprints we had a serious game of footdown, who am I kidding it wasn't serious just fun. Coming in first was Sam Porter, second Creighton Tynes, and third Jarrod Allen. Here are some pictures:

Finally we had Trackstand competition leaving Alex McClurg in first, Sam Porter in second, and Aaron Lane in third!

Here are the Official Standings as of July 19th:
Alex McClurg: 21
Sam Porter: 18
Jesse Heath: 13
Nick Willis: 8
Creighton Tynes: 8
Aaron Lane: 6
Jarrod Allen: 6
Matthew Barton: 3
John Sloan: 3
Chad Soner: 3
Shane Mills: 3
Jon Meeks: 3
Terry Jacks: 3
Michael Focus: 3
Dan Moreno: 3

Just a reminder this next week is a scavenger hunt alleycat throughout the city! Better watch out for Braxton he has been talking shit this whole time about this one... Stay posted for more updates... and also next week we are introducing Lady's competitions to where it will be an equal advantage for everyone especially the lady's that ever so nicely come out and support The Sunday Night Skid (points will be counted double for ladies to equal out to the guys!)

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